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Apr 12 Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank CA


Bill Posley is a comedian, actor, musician and veteran. Known for being an "ethnic enigma". Activated and sent to Iraq during his sophomore year of college, he served 15 months overseas where he accumulated hours of footage that he would ultimately turn into a short documentary about his tour of duty. The documentary earned him a spot at the prestigious New York Film Academy. Bill has guest starred in films such as An American Carol, The Virginity Hit, and hosted the online webseries HoneyShed as well as the TV pilot, "This Is My Life". He recently booked a National commercial for Free Credit Score. As a respected member in the comedy world, Bill has been wooing audiences with his Weird Al Yankovich-style raps and unique comedic flare. He has performed for the troops and shared the stage with comedians such as Lewis Black, Godfrey and Joe Rogan. Once a month you can find him performing at Second City with his sketch comedy show, ASAP. Also gigging around L.A. with his band "Jimmy and The Rainbow Sprinkles."


  • Moon Cricket

    He is a parody hip hop artist. A black weird AL Yankovic.

  • Samoan Surfer

    "DUDE" a Hawaiian, So-Cal surfer who need the beach to live but never actually surfs and only talk about it.

  • Whitney Shears

    Hollywood most up and coming stylist. His Haircuts have been at the for front of rock and roll as long as we can remember. He has a very unconventional way of cutting hair that ends up making most people uncomfortable.

  • Retro Reggie

    He is a blast from the past only using term and language from the 70's and 80's. a hippie black panther.

  • Mistro

    The Most intense musical street performer of all time. He only sing 90's show tune ala "Save by the bell" "Family Matters" He love performing in malls and department store annoying customer and invade the space of people passing by.

  • Tito Zapatos

    A sexy salsa dancing instructor, who always take it to far with another mans wife when he is giving a lesson. He make a beautiful dance awkward.

  • Tim Morrison

    He is a blind guitar player who only records in the nude. He is the worst guitar player and song writer. But no one dares tell him.